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Customer Journeys

Train Zoomifier on how to engage and nurture your customers automatically on your behalf. Zoomifier will personalize engagement with each customer using snackable content and deliver insights to you about their decision making process.

Train Zoomifier on how to engage your customers

Using an easy to use drag-and-drop editor, you can train Zoomifier on how to engage customers based on their preferences. You can also insert appropriate call-to-actions at the right point in the Customer Journey.

Maximize engagement with personalized content recommendations

Zoomifier will automatically make content recommendations based on what customers want to learn more about. Customers are more likely to binge on your content when they have a choice to select the content. When they stop binging, Zoomifier will send a personalized email about where they left off to resume nurturing.

Insert call to actions in your Customer Journeys

Steer your customers to the next step in decision making by including customized call to actions and the associated workflows within your customer journeys.

Use analytics to infer customer's requirements

While Zoomifier engages the customer on your behalf with real time content recommendations, automatically generated emails and calls to action, you have full visibility. Use these insights to guide the customer’s decision making process.

Automatically qualify a lead with Customer Journeys

Embed Customer Journeys in your websites and landing pages. Zoomifier delivers personalized content recommendations to your website visitors similar to what you experience on a streaming service. Visitors binge on your content and turn it into highly qualified leads.

Build your Digital Library and define your first Customer Journey Map

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