In this webinar, we will explain why Narratives are essential for your sales and marketing team. We will demonstrate how you can start leveraging Narratives in Zoomifier.

Learn how you can leverage Narratives to personalize each engagement with your customers and continue to nurture all stakeholders to influence buying decisions.

Demonstrate how you can start leveraging Sales Content Analytics in Zoomifier.

Use Sales Content Analytics to fine tune your sales content strategy, improve your sales effectiveness and to cross-check your CRM data for more accurate sales forecasting.

The Emerging Role of Narratives in Sales

Narratives are an easy and convenient way in which your sales team can deliver highly personalized engagement to your customers when they are either reluctant to meet in person or when online meetings are not effectively engaging them. Narratives are also an effective way to continue to nurture all the stakeholders with personalized messaging during the sales process to influence their buying decisions.

With built-in centralized content repository, powerful link management and content sharing, ease of video / audio recording and editing as well as built-in sales content analytics, Zoomifier is the only platform to enable Narratives at an enterprise level.

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