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Slide Properties


To view the Slide Properties, click on an empty area of the slide or outside the slide area.

  1. With Locking you can lock all the whole slide. Learn more about Locking.
  2. Slide Meta data that has all the details about the slide.
  3. Toggle for ‘Return to Previous’, when turned ‘ON’ if there’s media on the slide and it finishes playing, the slide will go back to where it came from. This is a form of ‘Navigation’.
  4. The “Show Master Slide” function shows the Master Slide location for a Library Slide.
    – When the user clicks on the “Show Master Slide” button a pop-up will appear showing the location of the Master Slide for that Library Slide.
    – If the User has Edit Permission on the identified Master Slide then the user will see an “Open” button next to the Slide Location.
    – Learn More about Master Slide.
  5. “Show References” is used for showing the references for a Library Slide within the Presentation Library and Public Folders.
    – When the user clicks on the “Show References” button a pop-up will be shown with the Slide Locations of all the Presentations in the Presentation Library and Public Folders only where this slide is being used.
    – Learn More about reference slide.
    At any instance when the user is viewing a Library Slide then in the Properties Panel on the Slide tab there will either be a “Show Master Slide” button if the Slide is a Referenced Slide or a “Show References” button if the slide is a Master slide.
  6. Change the slide’s background color. Learn More about Fill.
  7. Add transition to the slide.

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