The Best Vidyard Alternative for Your Brand in 2022

Vidyard Alternative

From Video Pitching
To Enhancing Audience Engagement

From a corporate or enterprise IT perspective, Vidyard is undesirable since it requires the installation of browser plug-ins which could increase security risks. From a Virtual or Digital Selling perspective, Vidyard lacks the ability to add text or rich media overlay to better engage your audience. Vidyard gets very expensive when a small group of users try to go beyond a very limited functionality free version.

Vidyard Limitations

Highly Insecure

  • Vidyard requires you to download plug-ins in your browser to record.
  • Accessibility across devices and browsers is dependent on the plug-in
  • The Chrome extension is known to be unstable and crashes frequently

Lacks Audience Engagement

  • No ability to annotate videos with text headlines or titles
  • No ability to overlay relevant images, animations, graphs and other visual cues on top of the recorded video
  • No ability to embed lead capture forms or call to action


  • The subscription model means you end up paying for users not using the tool
  • The free version drastically limits the duration of your recordings and provides only limited functionalities.
Advantages of Zoomifier Narratives

Enterprise Secure

No app downloads needed, no browser plug-ins required for video recording and editing

Robust and secure digital library with configurable user access control and authentication

Powerful sharing features with lead capture, link expiry and password control 

Enhanced Audience Engagement

Rich text annotation with brand compliant custom fonts

Overlay unlimited number of images, animations, audio and graphs with simple drag and drop

Built-in form designer to embed powerful call to actions with your recorded videos

Extremely Affordable

You only pay for what you use with our innovative consumption based pricing

Add unlimited number of users, store an unlimited number of content items and unlimited contacts at no additional cost

Fully functional free trial
Zoomifier Narratives vs Vidyard Recordings
Zoomifier Narratives Vidyard Why do you need this?
Optimized Video Playback with built-in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
The audience experience is compromised if your high resolution does not play well due to low bandwidth or low power mobile device
Powerful Content Library
To easily search, access and re-purpose video recordings
Instantly Connect with Audience
Your audience is more likely to connect with you when they are watching your content
Collaborative video recording by multiple narrators
Eliminate monotony by bringing in appropriate narrators
Rich Media Overlay
Greatly enhances audience engagement compared to simple screen and cam recording

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