Emerging Role of Content Analytics in Sales

Relevant and engaging sales content now plays many critical roles in accelerating a buyer’s decision making process. Sales content:

  • Enables your business to be more agile in responding to emerging market needs. 
  • Helps the sales team to continue to influence the buyers and overcome the lack of in-person engagement with the customer. 
  • Satisfies the customer’s preference to get information via digital communications instead of in-person sales meetings.

However, these benefits of sales content are only possible when they are coupled with comprehensive realtime content analytics. Combined together, sales content and content analytics can help you improve your sales effectiveness

Never before has such a comprehensive amount of sales content analytics been available with such ease to all of your sales and marketing teams. We hope you will leverage it to fine-tune your content strategy, improve sales effectiveness and cross-check the CRM data for more accurate sales forecasts.

Zoomifier Sales Content Analytics

Find out the complete information on how you can start leveraging Sales Content Analytics in Zoomifier: https://bit.ly/3tfe5Ow

Zoomifier tracks detailed information whenever an internal user views the content managed in the Zoomifier Digital Library or when content is shared with an external audience. This information includes who viewed the content, when, for how long, where (location), on what type of device or browser and much more in real time. More importantly, all of the resulting content analytics are available in an easy to understand and meaningful format at a single click of the button to both sales and administrative users.

A sales user can look at how well a specific content item has engaged the customers in the past before sharing this content. They can also get an overview as well as details of how often they have shared various content items, how many customers have engaged with their content and what was the total engagement. They can then also zoom into the engagement with a specific contact to see their customer journey.

Content analytics enables a salesperson to determine the next steps in sales engagement, to accurately forecast how well contact is engaged and what is the probability of closing an opportunity.

A marketing user or an administrator can use the analytics to see how many of the internal users have viewed a specific content item, how often it is shared, by which sales user and how well are the customers engaging with that content item. They also get a bird’s eye view of which content is being shared the most and by whom as well as how well it engages the customers.

Content analytics enables a marketing user to determine which sales user needs a follow up to view and use the latest version of the content, who needs further coaching on how to align content with a buyer’s journey, which content item is engaging the customers and which one requires fine-tuning to improve sales engagement.

Doesn’t My CRM Do This?

It does not. Sales Content Analytics contrasts with man-made or synthetic analytics that are generated from your CRM. Almost all of the sales analytics and forecasts generated from your CRM are made up of data manually entered by the sales team. This data is often incomplete, inaccurate and subjective. 

In contrast, Zoomifier based sales content analytics is organically generated from the actual actions performed by your customers and sales team. There is no manual input. It is factual and comprehensive. The real-time access to this analytics makes it much more actionable.

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