Zoomifier pricing options are optimized to suit your business requirements. We avoid “Basic", “Professional" and “Enterprise" labels. All of our options include complete Personalized Autonomous Customer Engagement functionality, and we believe that everyone of our customers is an enterprise run by real professionals. There is a 30 day free trial and no pressure of annual commitments.

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What is a Zoomifier user?

A Zoomifier User is any person who manages or uses the application. This includes applications administrators, librarians, marketing managers, your sales and distribution team as well as anyone else who will need access to Zoomifier apps. Customer with whom content is shared and who use Zoomifier apps to access the content are not considered Zoomifier Users. As a good estimate, add up all of the sales, sales operations and marketing team members.

What is a Customer Record?

A Customer Record is a named or annonymous person being engaged and nurtured using the Zoomifier App. Zoomifier tracks and associates the engagement information against a Customer Record. Anonymous Customer Records are included since 98% of visitors who arrive from the web are initially anonymous and only gradually reveal their identity after they are sufficiently engaged. Zoomifier tracks the engagement using a unique ID until the identity is revealed.

Can I engage with my customers using Zoomifier during a trial period?

Yes, you can engage with yoru customer as soon as you sign-up for the free trial and set it up. No limits are imposed on the software during trial version so you will know exactly what your are getting when you become a Zoomifier customer.

Do I need to commit and pay for a year upfront?

No, you can pay month-to-month. You can increase or lower the number of Zoomifier Users, Customer Records or Storage from month-to- month as well.

How do I estimate storage?

Unless you have large amounts of videos, chances are that the storage allocated at each of the pricing tiers will be adequate for you. If you do have large amounts of video then please contact us and we will help determine the stoarge capacity needed based upon the expected video quality and volume expected. It is easy to change the storage capacity anytime so start with the storage allocated at your pricing tier and monitor the consumption.

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