Most users mark unsolicited emails as spam

Why email marketing does not nurture or qualify leads?

Email marketing is widely recognized and accepted today as a great way for marketers to directly engage with their target audience. Most marketers use email campaign extensively to nurture and qualify their audience. Marketers score their audience’s response and then use this as a criteria for lead qualification. Traditionally, email marketing drove more B2B conversions than any other marketing channel. […]

Digital Marketing skills for lead capture and lead nurturing

Let customers personalize their journeys to improve lead nurturing on your marketing automation platform

Are you a digital marketer or lead gen expert focused on lead nurturing and scoring for complex B2B offerings? Chances are that you are using Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot or similar marketing automation platforms. You are probably facing the same challenge that all of your co-practitioners are grappling with: inability to fully engage and nurture your […]

How well are you converting your visitors into leads?

A simple measure of your lead capture effectiveness

Achieving lead capture effectiveness is an essential first step before you can engage, nurture and qualify your target audience as sales opportunities. The lead capture metrics most frequently quoted by digital marketers include the number of web site visitors, number of leads captured and cost per lead. Individually, none of these three numbers provides a meaningful picture of lead capture effectiveness. […]

Customer behavior: Customers love to binge on content when and where they want

New changes in customer behavior impact your digital marketing

To successfully attract, acquire and retain a customer, you need to effectively engage them. That is obvious! What is not obvious to marketers is that customers behave very differently today compared to only five years ago. Let’s consider the key changes in customer behavior that impact your digital marketing. Customer behavior #1: Customers are very distracted and have […]

As few as 1 out of 33 web page visitors from Google AdWords convert to leads.

Increase the lead capture by 2X or more

Google, Facebook, Twitter and other digital channels have definitely made it easier for us to reach our target audience. That is why we outbid each other to display our ads on these channels. Paid media now forms an important component of our Omni-channel marketing campaigns. It would seem digital marketing provides the holy grail for lead capture. Digital […]