OMG! Your customers are lost in the marketing cloud. Haha.

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Announcing Zoomifier Lead Incubator

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With Zoomifier Lead Incubator, customers personalize their journey to engage willingly and naturally.

The Result? Accelerated lead generation. Reduced cost of digital marketing campaigns. Deep insights into lead’s purchase intent.Truly qualified sales opportunities.

A new way to maximize lead capture from your paid advertising.

A new way to nurture leads into qualified sales opportunities.

A new way to get actionable insights from lead generation programs.

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A new way to accelerate lead capture and reduce cost per lead capture

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Visitors to your website and landing pages want more and relevant information before they provide their contact information. You are unable to nurture them with relevant information without first knowing who they are. Zoomifier Lead Incubator breaks this logjam by letting your website visitors personalize their own customer journeys. Zoomifier tracks their journey and captures leads at appropriate time.

A new way to engage and nurture your leads into sales opportunities

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With less than 3% click through rate, marketing automation campaigns are not effective at nurturing your leads and generate qualified sales opportunities. Zoomifier Lead Incubator enables your leads to personalize their customer journeys and uses relevant content recommendations to sustain engagement and nurturing. Customers love this experience where they are not interrupted and hence engage willingly. This helps you to maximize lead nurturing, deliver qualified opportunities to sales and close deals faster.

A new way to generate actionable insights from lead generation program

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Zoomifier Lead Incubator captures intricate details of each personalized customer journey. The intuitive display of these journeys provide digital marketers deep insights into how and why customers engage with you and what their purchase intents are. This helps you better qualify them into qualified sales opportunities. A highly interactive Lead Incubator Dashboard provides both an overall scorecard of how your lead management efforts have progressed over a period of time as well as a real-time view of your current engagement and nurturing. Once you experience Zoomifier Lead Incubator analytics, you will wonder how you managed your lead generation programs before.

Built on an innovative and scalable customer engagement platform

The Zoomifier Personalized Autonomous Customer Engagement (PACE) platform delivers all the technology needed to orchestrate the experience that your customers are seeking when they choose to engage with you. The platform observes and generates customer insights that help you engage, nurture, qualify, acquire and retain them profitably.


At the heart of Zoomifier Customer Engagement platform is a highly scalable and secure content repository to curate all the online and offline digital content as well as maintain a detailed record.


An interactive tool to design personalized autonomous customer engagements that support thousands of unique customer journeys to nurture every type of persona that your team needs to engage with.


Highly interactive, content rich and branded web and native mobile apps to enable your sales team to engage with customers and for your customers to interact with your content and advocate it to others.


Intelligent agents that automate sales enablement and customer engagement tasks that are normally performed by humans, at an unimaginable scale and velocity. These bots are trained to conform to your customer engagement best practices.


Real-time, visual dashboards delivering deep customer insights through contact and account based analytics as well as an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of your content to engage and nurture your customers .


Zoomifier integrates with your current marketing automation solutions and to accelerate lead nurturing, improve sales enablement and deliver branded web and mobile customer engagement apps and portals.