Changing the way businesses engage customers to drive sales

Sales Lead Incubation
Sales Enablement Portal
Personalized Customer Journey
Zoomifier has pioneered a new way to increase sales-ready leads by enabling businesses to more effectively engage prospects by letting them autonomously drive their own personalized buyer journey. Zoomifier PACE (Personalized Autonomous Customer Engagement) platform bridges the gap between sales and marketing processes and tools to accelerate the buyer journey. PACE collects important insights about buyers' interests to enable sales teams to better engage with them and close deals faster.

Personalized Autonomous Customer Engagement Platform.

Content Repository and Customer Engagement Database

At the heart of Zoomifier Customer Engagement platform is a highly scalable and secure content repository to curate all the online and offline digital content as well as maintain a detailed record of engagement with each customer.

Customer Journey Designer

An interactive tool to design personalized autonomous customer engagements that support thousands of unique customer journeys to nurture every type of persona that your team needs to engage with.

Customer Engagement and Sales Enablement Portals

Highly interactive, content rich and branded web and native mobile apps to enable your sales team to engage with customers and for your customers to interact with your content and advocate it to others.

Customer Engagement Bots

Intelligent agents that automate sales enablement and customer engagement tasks that are normally performed by humans, at an unimaginable scale and velocity. These bots are trained to conform to your customer engagement best practices.

Customer Engagement Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics

Real-time, visual dashboards delivering deep customer insights through contact and account based analytics as well as an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of your content to engage and nurture your customers.

Branded web and mobile customer engagement apps and portals.

Zoomifier integrates with your current marketing automation solutions and to accelerate lead nurturing, improve sales enablement and deliver branded web and mobile customer engagement apps and portals.

See how Zoomifier benefits you.

Zoomifier benefits marketing


Personalize and automate customer engagement to deliver highly insightful leads to sales.


Zoomifier Engagement Repository enables you to curate all of your online and offline content and share it with customers and sales teams.

Zoomifier Engagement Designer enables you to design customer engagement for each persona.

Zoomifier Content Analytics provides you deep insight into how customers are interacting with your content and enables you to fine tune your messages and content to effectively engage and nurture the buyers.

Zoomifier tightly integrates with your marketing automation tools and digital marketing channels.

Zoomifier benefits Sales


Orchestrate account based selling, generate deep customer insights and accelerate buyer nurturing to shorten the sales cycle.


Zoomifier Engagement Apps enable sales to present and share relevant content with customers anywhere and anytime on web and mobile devices.

Zoomifier Engagement Automation personalizes and automates engagement and nurturing with each of the multiple decision makers at an account. Zoomifier Engagement Analytics provides deep contact and account level insights. This simplifies the sales process and enables a sales person to handle more accounts and opportunities.

By continuously engaging decision makers with relevant content, Zoomifier accelerates their nurturing and shortens the sales cycle.

Zoomifier benefits Customer Success

Customer Success

Rapidly onboard new customers, ensure customer success and promote brand advocacy.

Customer Success

Zoomifier Engagement Apps ease the task of onboarding new customers by delivering relevant and highly interactive content anywhere and anytime on their web and mobile devices.

Customer success teams can continue to monitor and analyze the customer engagement using Zoomifier Engagement Analytics at individual contact and account level.

This automated customer engagement results in greater usage of your offerings, higher customer satisfaction and greater brand advocacy.

Current marketing automation and omni-channel marketing approach partially nurtures leads and results in longer sales cycle.

Turbo charge your customer engagement to close deals faster.

Marketing automation tools interrupt and annoy buyers. They do not effectively engage and nurture buyers. This leaves a big gap between sales team's expectations of receiving qualified leads and what marketing actually delivers.

Zoomifier bridges this gap by leveraging the reach of omni-channel marketing and marketing automation tools, nurtures buyers through a personalized engagement and delivers highly qualified opportunities to sales with deep insights into buyer's interests.

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