Sales Enablement Content Playbook

This practical, do-it-yourself guide will show you how to develop your sales enablement content to engage your target audience and help your sales team close deals faster.

Why should you care? Traditional, product-centric sales collateral and sales presentations no longer engage due to life’s constant interruptions and distractions.

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Sales Enablement Content Playbook
Table of Contents

Teaser content helps initiate the sales conversation


The first and most important piece of communication that a salesperson should use to initiate a conversation with the prospect. Getting them right will motivate sales teams to reach out to new prospects.

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Explainer content motivates a customer to act by providing details on their problem


An essential content piece that will help the salesperson leverage initial conversation to align the prospect’s problem-solving strategy with your offering and uniquely position you with respect to your competitors.

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Guided Tour content enables a buyer to learn about your offering

Guided Tour

Enables your salespeople to engage the prospect without the delay or costs of scheduling a pre-sales resource and developing a customized product demonstration. This greatly accelerates your sales cycle.

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Loss Calculator content enables buyer to quantify the losses due to a problem

Loss Calculator

An absolute essential to move sales cycle forward. Aggregates the organizational losses of not making a needed change. It presents a vivid depiction of the negative consequences for the company and each stakeholder group.

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Buyer's Guide help buyers make an internal business case to allocate budgets to acquire a solution

Buyer’s Guide

Navigates the prospect through the buying process by providing them guidance that positions your company’s offering as the “best overall” solution, builds a business case to procure budgets and mitigates the risks inherent in undertaking change.

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Case studies motivate buyers by explaining the successful journeys other customers took to solve their problems

Case Studies

Describes the journey that one of your customers took in solving a problem with your offering and establish that other companies have solved similar problems using your solution. That makes your solution seem less risky and its benefits more believable.

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Interview Podcasts provide an immersive, lean-back way to learn about how other successful customers selected and implemented your product

Interview Podcast

An unusual but very effective sales tool. A series of immersive, lean-back audio recordings of customer interviews to learn about how other successful customers selected and implemented your product to inspire your new prospects.

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Rich Media Slide Library enables a sales person to rapidly personalize a presentation

Rich Media Slide Library

A game changing practice that enables a sales person to quickly assemble an engaging and personalized presentation that is perceived by the audience as highly relevant to their needs and retains their attention during the entire pitch.

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A sales proposal template guides sales team to summarize the buying journey and deliver a comprehensive proposal

Sales Proposal Template

Traditional sales proposals are the root cause of many lost deals. This new practice guides a sales team to summarize the buying journey and deliver a comprehensive proposal that retains relevance, positions you as a trusted partner and accelerates decision making.

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