Recording a Narrative

Recording a Narrative:

  1. Login to engage.
  2. Click on narrative.
  3. Your tool will open in a new tab.
  4. Configure the settings by giving audio and video permissions and selecting the correct camera or audio device if there are multiple devices installed in the machine.
  5. Once settings are configured, you are ready to record a narrative.
  6. You can see a camera bubble which you can move anywhere on your screen by simply dragging it.
  7. There are red markers which will guide you to position the Camera Bubble to make it available within the recording screen.
  8. Change the opacity by adjusting the toggle around the Camera Bubble.
  9. Change the size and shape of this Bubble by selecting the options available.
  10. Click on select content and choose the content to present.
  11. Click on the Record button from the right panel to start recording narrative.
  12. Stop presenting content by clicking on none from the dropdown.
  13. Once recording is completed, stop the narrative and Studio Screen will appear.

Best Practices:

  1. Make sure to place your bubble where it does not come over the content when you are sharing the screen and presenting.
  2. Strong internet connection is required for the smooth recording.
  3. Keep talking even if you made a mistake so that you can edit it later.
  4. Start talking only after 3,2,1 count.
  5. Use pause and resume to take a pause while recording.

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