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Here’s our best practice suggestions for using Zoomifier with a meeting:

  1. Send out the link as the invitation only; don’t include the Zoomifier Simulcast link in the invitation (two links always lead to confusion)
  2. Start the meeting with audio and video – DO NOT start screen-sharing
  3. As the host, have the Zoomifier Simulcast window open and the presentation ready to start
  4. When you’re ready to start the presentation, share the Zoomifier Simulcast link via the chat feature; instruct participants to click on the link
  5. This opens up the Zoomifier Simulcast window on all participants screens; leave the audio and video running to continue talking – DO NOT start screen-sharing
  6. When the host gets to a video with audio, the host should mute their microphone to avoid participants hearing an echo
  7. When the presentation ends, Stop Simulcast but keep the audio and video running
  8. To end the meeting completely, leave the meeting

If you have an audience of 15+ participants, we recommend that you use the above best practice for Simulcast.

However, if you have less than 15 participants, you can directly use the Simulcast link to present your content to your audience without Zoom, Webex. Google Meets or Microsoft teams.

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