Show Master Slide Feature

The Show Master Slide feature allows users to identify and locate the Master Slide that a specific Library slide references, allowing Regular Users to know the context of where the slide lives in the Library and allowing Administrators and Librarians quick access to make global changes to Master Slides.

The Show Master Slide Feature is available on all Library Slides that reference a Master Slide in one of the Public Folders in Zoomifier. You can tell if a slide is a Library Slide by the “four-square” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the slide thumbnail.

Library Slides are always added to existing presentations by dragging and dropping them from the top Library Panel in the CustomShow Editor into the current presentation.

Double-clicking on any slide takes you to the CustomShow Slide Editor where you can see the details of particular slide by viewing the Properties Panels on the right side of the screen.

If the slide is a Library Slide, the Slide Properties Tab now shows the Show Master Slide button in the Access Properties.

Clicking on the Show Master Slide button brings up a dialog box showing the location of the Master Slide this Library Slide references. Click CLOSE to close the dialog box and continue working on your presentation.

NOTE: If you have EDIT PERMISSION to edit the referenced Master Slide, you will have the option to OPEN the Master Slide in a new CustomShow Editor window. EDIT PERMISSION for Master Slides is usually available only to Administrators and Librarians.

If you click the Open button on the Show Master Slide dialog box, a new CustomShow Editor window will open and take you directly to the Master Slide that the previous Library Slide referenced. At this point, you can make edits to the Master Slide and Publish those changes to have them update all referenced slides (including the Library Slide you started from).

Show References Feature

Zoomifier allows CustomShow Slides to reference other slides in the CustomShow Library. This enables Administrators and Librarians to centrally update information or media on a single Master Slide and have those changes update all of the other slides that reference that Master Slide. This can be particularly useful when a single slide needs to live in multiple locations in the CustomShow Slide Library.

The Show References feature allows Administrators and Librarians to quickly identify and locate all of the Library Slides that reference a specific Master Slide so they know exactly where any changes they make to a Master Slide will appear in the Library.

When viewing a Library Slide in the CustomShow Slide Editor, the Show References button is available in the Slide Access Properties panel on the right side of the Slide Editor screen.

Clicking on the Show References button shows all of the Library Presentations that contain references to the current Master Slide.

Administrators and Librarians can use this information to make sure any slide updates they Publish will be appropriate for all the locations where the slide lives. They can also use this information to remove referenced slides from other Library Presentations in preparation for deleting the Master Slide if needed.

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