Personalizing presentations in Zoomifier is quick and easy. You can create presentations through simple drag and drop features and personalize slides with just a few clicks.

Below is a video where you will learn how to create, personalize and publish presentations.

Accessing “My Presentations”

The My Work foder is where you’ll be able to upload content, create new presentations and organize all your work. It’s the ONLY place in Zoomifier where you can add, create, modify and delete content.

Open your folder in which you want the new presentation to exist and then click on Create Presentation.

This will open the CustomShow Editor window.

Personalizing Presentations

When the CustomShow Editor first opens, in the pop-up you’ll need to enter a title for the presentation you are creating.

You can also select the background color and size for the presentation, but the default settings are usually what you’ll want.

Once you have entered the Title click on “OK”.

  • The Presentations folders on the left of the Editor window help you browse and select the presentations and slides to see them in the top panel. The exact naming and structure of them are specific to your organization.
  • The My Work folder is where your presentations and slides are saved; this lets you access slides from one of your previous presentations to add to your new presentation.
  • Recent Presentations shows the presentations you have recently opened in the CustomShow Editor.
  • Shared Presentations shows the presentations that other users have given you access to by making you a Collaborator (see Collaborative Editing for more information on this feature).
  • The Top Panel of the CustomShow Editor displays the presentation you have selected to drag and drop slides from.
  • The Bottom Panel of the CustomShow Editor, known as the Presentation Editor, displays the slides you have added to your new presentation.

To start adding slides to your presentation, select the presentation from which you want to add slides. To do this, browse through the Presentations folders on the left and double-click on folders in the Top Panel on the right.

Double-clicking on a presentation in the Top Panel will show you all the slides within that presentation. These are what you can drag into your new presentation.

Your CustomShow Editor will look similar to the image below. Notice that you see slides in the Top Panel and can select and drag and drop them into your new presentation in the Presentation Editor (Bottom Panel).


Select the slides that you would like to use by clicking on them. Drag and drop these slides to the Presentation Editor section of the screen at the bottom.

image3.pngTip : Here are the list of shortcut keys that you can use to select multiple slides

image13.svgSlides that you drag and drop into the Presentation Editor are slides that you have added to your new presentation. If you dragged these slides from a Public Folder/Library you’ll see a four-square icon in the top right corner of these slides (as shown in the image below).


The four-square icon indicates that the slide is linked to Library. Any changes made to the slide in the Library will automatically update the slide in your presentation as well.

Personalizing a Slide

To personalize a slide double-click on the slide you want to personalize in the Presentation Editor.

Once you double-click on the slide, you will be taken to the CustomShow Slide Editor screen where you will get the following alert:

This alert lets you know that, since this is a Library slide, before you can make any changes the system will first make a copy of the slide and break the link to the Library.

If you edit a Library slide, Zoomifier breaks the link to the Library and the icon on the top corner will change to a notepad with a pencil (as shown in the image shown below).

Once the link is broken, any changes made to the slide in the Library will NOT update the slide in your presentation.


To continue with editing the slide, click on “Make a copy”.

Once you have made a copy, you can use your mouse to select and change the elements that you want to personalize.


If you want to add an image or video onto the slide, click on “Media” from the menu options at the top.


You can select images and videos from one of the Media Libraries or that you have added to your “My Resources” folder.

image3.pngTip: If the media you need to select is not available in the “My Resources” folder, it’s very easy to add:

  1. Switch back to the main Zoomifier web page (This will typically be the previous tab or window in your browser)
  2. In the same folder in your My Work where you created your New Presentation you can add files from your computer.
  3. Select the file(s) you would like to add from your desktop or computer and simply drag and drop the files into the folder in your browser.
  4. Or you can click on the Upload Content to upload one file at at time

Any changes you make to the slide or presentation will be automatically saved by the system. This is indicated in the top right-hand side corner of the window, as highlighted in the image below.


Once you are done personalizing the slide, you can use the thumbnail images at the bottom to navigate to other slides or you can click on the “Open” button in the top menu bar to navigate back to the main Presentation Editor window to select additional slides as needed.


Once you are done personalizing the presentation, you can close the Editor Window. The system has already automatically saved all your changes.

You will find the presentation listed in the folder in your My Work folder where you created it. If it doesn’t automatically appear, click “Refresh” on the top right-hand corner of the document list in Zoomifier.

Publishing a Presentation

When you initially create a presentation it is saved in a Draft mode that is only visible to Zoomifier Users. You can see the Publish status of your presentation in the Zoomifier List view (see screenshot).

Once you ready to share or present your presentation, you need to Publish your presentation. Publishing a presentation is what makes it visible to viewers outside of your organization. To Publish your presentation click on the “Publish” button in the top menu bar. A presentation must be Published before it can be shared or presented.


The need to Publish also applies when you edit a presentation that you have already published. In this case, the new changes will only appear in shared links after you click the “Publish” button again to publish a new version of the presentation.

Once you have clicked on the Publish button the “(Not Published)” status under the Information column will no longer appear for the presentation, and the Share, Link and Add to cart options will now show up as shown in the image below.



  1. Can I create a Presentation from scratch?

Yes you can, although that is something usually done by designers and content creators. Details on that are covered in more depth in our Advanced Topics Help Section.

  1. Can I add a blank slide to my presentation?

Yes you can. To do this, click on the New Slide button in the top menu or right-click in the Presentation Editor section of the window and select “Insert slide.”

Next Steps

Now that you have been through the Personalizing a Presentation guide, create and publish your own presentation. This will help reinforce the steps you have just learned.

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