Importing PowerPoint into Presentation Library

  1. Open in PowerPoint and verify that formatting looks correct before any changes are made and to identify media that will need to be imported separately
    • Make sure text isn’t wrapping off the slides or overlapping other elements
    • On each slide, Select All and then right click to make sure no elements are Grouped. If Ungroup is available, select Ungroup All.
    • Look to see if your PowerPoint presentation has any page numbers at the bottom (If yes, you should delete the page numbers). The Zoomifier editor does not auto-update page numbers.
    • Look to see if any slides have videos or audio files on them (if yes, then follow steps to extract media from PowerPoint and import into Zoomifier)
    • Check to see if any elements have hyperlinks to external URLs
    • Go to Page Setup and change Page Size to 26.666in x 15in (to import as 1920×1080 in Zoomifier)
  2. Open PowerPoint again to check to make sure text still looks correct (text didn’t resize or defaulted to a different font) [NOTE: If significant text changes occur during resizing, start over and Save As as PowerPoint Template (.potx) before resizing]
  3. Go to File>Compress Pictures and compress all pictures to On-screen (150dpi)
  4. Save and close PowerPoint file [NOTE: If saved as .potx, Save As .pptx]
  5. Upload into your My Work folder in a folder specifically created for this project or for PowerPoint imports in general
  6. Once in Zoomifier, click on Info, then click on CustomShow Import and select Import as Editable Text
  7. Once import completes, open the converted presentation in the Editor and review to make sure all elements appear correctly
    1. Check text to make sure the correct font was applied
    2. Check text to make sure no text is cut off by the bottom of text boxes
    3. Check to make sure text wrapping matches original PowerPoint
  8. Add back in any video or audio from the original PowerPoint
  9. Publish the presentation
  10. Move into the appropriate Public folder

To Extract Media from PowerPoint

  1. Check the original PowerPoint to see if it contains video or audio files
  2. If yes, close the PowerPoint file and change the extension from .pptx to .zip
  3. Make sure you have the application “The Unarchiver” (https://theunarchiver.com/) for Mac or WinZip for Windows
  4. Right-click on the file with the .zip extension and choose Open with Unarchiver or WinZip for Windows
  5. Extract the contents to a folder
  6. Rename the PowerPoint file back to .pptx from .zip
  7. In the extracted folder, open it and look for ppt>media and then look for the video and audio files in that folder
  8. Check each video and audio file to make sure they are an MP4 file with data rate of approximately 5Mbit/s. If NOT, use Handbrake or another video encoding software to encode to those specs.
  9. Upload the final MP4 video and audio files into a new folder you created in your My Work folder.
  10. Add these media files onto the appropriate slides in the CustomShow presentation and remove the placeholder images brought in by the PowerPoint import process.

Encoding Media using HandBrake

  1. Go to Handbrake>Preferences and set Output Files: Default MP4 Extension to MP4.

2. Select General>Fast 1080p30 Surround and then check the Web Optimized checkbox

3. Drag in the video you want to encode

4. If it’s just the one video, click Start; otherwise click Add to Queue and add more videos

5. Click Start when ready

6. Upload final files into appropriate Public Folder in a media sub-folder

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