This is the second part to your extensive ability to personalize your Zoomifier presentations.

In this video, we will walk you through embedding links, managing your color palette and more.

Embedding Content

You can embed content in different forms such as videos, PDF’s or PPT’s to your slide. There are different embedding options filtered based on your content type that you can choose from.

The embedding option is under the properties panel, under the type of content you have selected.

Publishing embedded content

The Zoomifier editor has additional features such as creating tables and converting them into charts as well.

Once you have created your presentations, it is important to note that while all changes are autosaved, you have to publish your presentation so that the final version is available for others to view.

You can publish your presentation by clicking on the publish icon in the top panel as in the image below.

In the same top panel you can also export your CustomShow presentation into a PPT and print the presentation as a PDF document.

Color Management

Zoomifier has a default color palette and text set. However, you can create your own color palette and add upto 4 texts.

Color Palette

To add colors and create your own color palette, all you have to do is select a textbox and select the color box. This opens the default saved palette, adjacent to which is the custom palette where you can create and save your own palette.

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