Reference Notes: What have you learned

  • How to use the editor to create enriching content.
  • Use content uploaded into the application and bring them to life with the use of different functionalities and features.
  • Collaborate with users in the application on your content and make comments on specific elements and tag users within the application.
  • Drag and drop pre-created slides from other presentations to form a new presentation.
  • Export your content as a PPTx either as an editable text or as a snapshot of each slide.
  • Select different properties to enhance your overall presentation, individual slide, or specific elements.
  • Creating engaging content is a crucial step in leaving a lasting impression of your product and what it has to offer. Enrich your sales content through the editor.

Next, learn how to Send Content to customers with Zoomifier.

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Need some help?
Call us: 800-255-5303

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