Save time and avoid the chaos of multiple editors by taking advantage of Zoomifier’s real-time multi-user collaboration.

Zoomifier’s collaborative editing enables multiple users to work together simultaneously on a single presentation, with specific features that promote effective collaboration while minimizing the chaos of simultaneous edits.

Collaborative editing offers the following benefits:

  • Simultaneous multi-user edit access to a single presentation
  • Visual indicators of who else is editing the presentation and what element they’re editing
  • Real-time display and synchronization of changes
  • Saves time by eliminating the back and forth of sharing and reviewing edited versions of a document

NOTE: Invited Users are NOT sent any notification so you will need to notify them via your normal communication tools.


  1. Elements selected by other collaborators are highlighted on your screen, marked with the name and color of the collaborator, and the item is locked so no one else can edit it while the user has it actively selected.
  1. When a collaborator is editing text in a text box, we show that activity with animated dots over the text box. The text box is locked for other collaborators so only the active user can edit the text box.
  1. Under the slides icon on the presentation page, the display of all slides in the presentation, also gives collaborators an indicator of who is editing a specific slide
  1. Everyone’s edits are automatically saved as they are made to the active presentation, so all changes are saved all the time!
  1. If you want to drag and drop slides from a presentation on your Collaboration list into another presentation of yours, you can still view these presentations in the Shared Presentations folder in the CustomShow Editor.
  1. All Collaborators can Publish changes to the presentation so changes are visible to external viewers.

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Need some help?
Email us: | Call us: 800-255-5303
Need some help?
Call us: 800-255-5303

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