Sharing presentations as links provides multiple benefits, including:

  • No Email Attachments
  • Insights into how clients are engaging with your content and what content is most relevant to them
  • Real-time Viewing Notifications

In this video we will guide you through how to find and use all of the engagement insights Zoomifier provides.

Accessing Analytics

When you make a presentation, information on how many people the presentation has been shared with is available to you when you login and navigate to the folder. Here, the column on the right shows you the number of people a presentation has been shared with (highlighted in the image below).


To get further information, click on the “Analytics” option in the top right corner of your Zoomifier page.



The information that you see in the first section on this page (similar to the image below), is a report on “Touch points” and “Viewed for seconds.”


Touch points: shows the total number actions that were taken by date. These actions include: sharing presentations, viewing presentations, forwarding presentations.

Viewed for seconds: shows the total time that was spent viewing presentations.

The next section on Analytics provides information on customer engagement and nurturing.


There are three reports in this section; each of them is explained below:

Most engaged companies: If a contact has a company name associated with it and saved in your contact list, and if the contact has interacted with presentations you have shared, then this report will be populated. The report gives you information on the total time contacts from the company engaged with content that was shared with them.

Most active contacts: Is a report on contacts who have carried out the most actions, such as viewing and sharing content.

Most nurtured contacts:  Gives your information on the contacts who have spent the most time viewing presentations that were shared with them.

The last section on Analytics is content-specific information.


When you click on the Content Analytics drop down menu, you get the following options:


Most viewed by your contacts: Content that has been viewed the most by your contacts.

Most shared by you: Content that you have shared the most.

Most forwarded by your contacts: Content that has been forwarded the most by your contacts.

Most viewed by all contacts: Content that has been viewed the most across your entire organization.

Most shared by everyone: Content that has been shared the most across your entire organization.

Most forwarded for all: Content that has been forwarded the most across your entire organization.

You can also get contact-specific analytics if you click on an individual name in any of the reports under “Top Engagement and Nurturing.” image5.jpg


On the contact-specific analytics screen you will find contact information such as Name, Company, and Email (similar to the image below). You can also edit and save contact information here.


The next section on this screen shows you contact-specific “Touch points” and “Viewed for seconds” analytics, similar to the image below.


The last section on this screen gives you the complete activity history for this contact, including Touch points, Content viewed, Forwards, and Time spent on content.


Next Steps

Once you have shared a presentation with clients, navigate to the Analytics section to gather information on how your clients are engaging with that content and to understand what information is most relevant to them.

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