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Enable personalized customer journeys.

Interactively design Customer Journey Maps and enable your audience to engage with your content when and where they want it. Let your audience personalize their customer journeys and infer their buying interests.


Engage your audience with active content recommendations.

Let your audience binge on relevant, bite sized, rich media content. Realtime content recommendations based on their prior selections results in continuous personalization, deeper engagement and accelerated nurturing.


Reactivate nurturing with autonomous personalized emails

Avoid impersonal or irrelevant outreach. Zoomifier SalesHub delivers highly personalized emails that recommend relevant content based on their prior engagement. This improves your sales team’s productivity and helps them close deals faster.


Accelerate conversion with relevant call to action

There is nothing more exciting for a sales person than getting a request from the prospect to engage with them! Zoomifier SalesHub helps achieve this by continously monitoring the audience’s engagement and then recommending relevant call to actions at the appropriate time. Result: “Please call me tomorrow at 10AM to discuss the next steps.”


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