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Build a library of easily accessible sales material

Overcome limitations of local and cloud based file sharing. Enable your sales teams to browse, search and access rich media content with associated keywords, metadata, full text search as well as preivous sales engagement activities.


Share rich media content and guarantee engagement

Enable your sales team to engage your customers with gigabytes of high definition videos, animations, 3-D graphics, virtual reality content, high-resolution images and other rich media content. Zoomifier SalesHub automatically follows up with gentle reminders to guarantee customers engage with your content.


Propagate content changes all the way to customers

Prevent your marketing and sales teams from getting out of sync when the content is updated. Zoomifier’s Version Management functionality instantaneously updates content shared with the sales teams and the customers. Everyone is on the same message.


Tightly integrate with your CRM and Portal solutions

Your sales teams can access and share sales material and presentations from within your CRM and portal solutions. Zoomifier SalesHub automatically updates customer engagement analytics in your CRM solution so users never have to leave their familiar environments.

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