PPTs to CustomShow

Converting PPTs to CustomShow

The Zoomifier Platform is capable of hosting and sending out your PPTX files. However, you may decide to convert these old and static PowerPoints to a CustomShow for many reasons. This process is easy to accomplish with Zoomifier but requires a little preparation for the most successful conversion. It Begins with uploading any custom fonts from your PPTX file into Zoomifier prior to importing documents. Secondly, you will want to change the size of your PowerPoint so that the slide size matches the larger 1920 x 1080 size in CustomShow. Finally, unlinking any groupings you have on slides in PPTX is a good idea before exporting. Once the file is prepared properly, importing it into Zoomifie is a simple drag-and-drop function, and converting the file to CustomShow is an easy two-click process.

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