Case for “snackable”, bite-sized, engaging and interactive content
Big Rock content do not engage and nurture customers.

Big Rocks are out of fashion.

Traditional marketers pride themselves in delivering monumental, “big rock” content reflecting their deep understanding of a subject and their wish to deliver a very comprehensive commentary to influence the reader. They spend significant time, effort and budget to produce this. It is not uncommon for marketing campaigns to offer 20, 30 or even 40 page documents to download.

Customers are too busy juggling many things. They don't have time to read large pieces of content.

Content downloads is not engagement.

Unfortunately, most recipients of this content do not have time to read or even browse through these documents. They are already overwhelmed with the non-stop bombardment of marketing messages. Your epic content becomes the latest addition to their bottomless reading list and fails to engage the buyer. The larger the size of the content, the sooner it gets irrelevant and outdated in this fast moving and ever changing world.

Old marketing habits die hard.

Old marketing habits die hard.

So why do marketers continue this practice? It seems to be a holdover from old, non-digital times when opportunities for “touching” customers were infrequent and marketing material was delivered in physical form. When you go to a brick-and-mortar store, you are more likely to buy in bulk to minimize trips to the store. On the online store, you are more likely to order one or two items at a time and only when you need them. The same is true about your customers: Engage them with the right amount of relevant content just at the right time.

Keep any content under 4 minutes.

4 minute Rule! Keep it brief.

To succeed in your digital content marketing and customer engagement strategy, reduce the size of the content. As a common rule of thumb, each content piece should take less than 4 minutes to be consumed by the viewer. If it is a document, then limit it to less than 4 pages, including the cover page. If it is a video, then limit it to less than 4 minutes. If it is a website, make sure that the visitors get a good overview in less than 4 minutes. Later, we will talk about how to continue the engagement and nurturing process with more bite sized, relevant content recommendations.

Engaging and interactive content.

Make content engaging and interactive.

Try replacing detailed explanations with good infographics. Graphics are more likely to be consumed and shared by your buyers than is a detailed explanation. Use simple animations to illustrate complex use cases, workflows and processes. If your business involves attracting buyers to physical spaces (for example, shopping malls, auto dealerships, real estate, hospitality, events, etc.) then consider using the newly emerging virtual reality (VR) content and 360-degree videos. These highly immersive and engaging technologies have become almost as easy and inexpensive to create as standard videos.

Replace big rock content with snackable content bites.

Go from “Big Rock” to “Necklace of Pearls”.

Conduct a quick audit of existing sales and marketing content. Check if it complies with the 4-minute Rule. If not, chop it up into smaller chunks. Consider making each piece more engaging and interactive. Make them “snackable bites.” In the related topics (listed below) we will show you how to tie these bite sized content pieces together to engage and nurture the buyers.

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