Highly interactive, content rich and branded web and native mobile apps to enable your sales team to engage with customers and for your customers to interact with your content and advocate it to others.

Customer Engagement and Sales Enablement Portals

Sales Enablement and Customer Engagement Portals

Zoomifier Engage is the next generation portal that delivers the customer engagement content, and analytics to marketing, sales and customer success teams via web browsers and native mobile apps. Marketing uses it to initiate engagement with their target audience using digital marketing channels and marketing automation campaigns. Sales use it as a sales enablement portal to present and share content with the customers, monitor their engagement and receive deep insights about their buying interests. Customer Success teams use it to rapidly onboard customers and sustain their interest in your products.
Sales Enablement Portal - Library View Sales Enablement Portal - Content View
Zoomifier Engage can also be used to collaborate with third party distributors, resellers, agents and brokers. Your channel management team can control what content can be accessed by your partners.

Zoomifier Customer Engagement Portal provides the most effective way to engage with your customers. Each contact receives a private library space where they can return to access the content shared with them or recommended to them. While the customer is viewing the content, Zoomifier bots make content recommendations to accelerate nurturing. The portal can be accessed through web browser or branded mobile apps.
Customer Engagement Portal on Desktop Customer Engagement Portal on Laptop Customer Engagement Portal on iPad and Mobile Tablets Customer Engagement Portal on iPhone, smart phones and mobile devices
Customer Engagement Portal on Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, iPads, Smartphones, iPhones and mobile devices.
Zoomifier Community Portal enables a contact to engage with multiple vendors using a single web and mobile app from Zoomifier. The convenience of accessing content from a single library without having to sign up for or download each vendor's app encourages the customers to engage more with participating vendors. Zoomifier Community app is available to all the customers free of cost from the app store.