A whole new way to engage prospects in the autonomous buyer’s journey era

Why Zoomifier?

There has been a meteoric shift in recent years from a world where marketing and sale drove interest, to the one where the buyers now drive their own journeys to explore and acquire product and service information. With this shift, existing sales and marketing processes and tools are no longer adequate at nurturing and engaging prospects.

Today’s sales challenge

Buyer’s personal buying and decision-making process is too often out of sync with a company’s sales process. At the same time, to support their critical conversations with prospects, salespeople are struggling to find, out of the torrent of rapidly produced marketing content, what applies and what doesn’t. In fact, salespeople report spending 20-30 hours per month just looking for relevant content to support their sales processes. More than 80% of the content delivered by marketing is not used by sales.

Today’s marketing challenge

Marketing automation campaigns group titles or personas and then are designed to interrupt them with one-way communications (canned messages). Unless marketing finds a prospect at a time when he/she is receptive, that prospect can quickly tune out to these impersonal, interruptive, and fixed messages. In recent years, marketing has become well aware of this problem because there is noticeable pushback from sales who are reporting that “qualified” leads are in fact not “qualified”.

Forward-thinking business are now seeing the glaring gap that marketing automation and CRM processes and tools can’t fill. This gap is causing them to spend more money on marketing campaigns without growing their “qualified” lead base. It has become imperative that businesses augment their marketing automation and CRM processes and tools to help meet the new reality of self-driven customer buyer’s journeys.

With Zoomifier PACE platform businesses can now listen and respond with personal, resonant content to more effectively engage customers throughout the buyer’s journey. This personalized autonomous engagement, providing customers what they want when they want it, is resulting in driving up high-quality, sales-ready leads.

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