Personalized Autonomous Customer Engagement Overcomes Today's Marketing and Sales Challenges

Why Zoomifier?

There has been a meteoric shift in recent years from a world where marketing and sale drove customer engagement, to the one where the customers now drive their own journeys to explore and acquire product and service information. (Click here to read our blog on this topic.) With this shift, existing sales and marketing practices and tools are no longer adequate at engaging, nurturing and qualifying your customers.

Today’s marketing challenge

Lead Capture: Digital advertising spend will grow at the rate of 16% to $83billion in 2017. As more businesses bid for the same limited number of keywords and ads, the cost per click (CPC) keeps increasing. Average cost per click for business customers often ranges in the $15 to $50 per click. More importantly, the visitor who clicks on one of the paid clicks on the Google AdWords or Facebook ad spends less than 10 seconds on the landing web page. As few as 1 in 33 visitors converts to a lead. This make B2B lead capture very expensive.

Lead Nurturing: Digital marketers and lead generation experts use Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, Pardot or other marketing automation tools to nurture leads into qualified sales opportunities. Unfortunately, at less than 3% click-through rates, it is almost impossible to nurture (and hence meaningfully qualify) the leads for any offering that require multiple touch points.

By aligning with the expectations to drive their own personalized customer journey, Zoomifier greatly increases the rate of lead capture, reduces cost of digital marketing campaigns, sustains engagement and nurturing to deliver highly insightful qualified sales opportunities.

Today's sales challenge

Sales Enablement: An average complex product offering has large number of content pieces that are constantly changing. Sales personnel spend significant amount of time inquiring about and looking for the information. When they don’t find it, they end up recreating the information. On an average, sales teams spend 31% of their time either looking for or recreating existing content. This results in huge inefficiencies in sales enablement.

Sales Engagement: In a complex B2B selling situation, multiple stakeholders, decision makers and influencers are involved. Each needs to be engaged with appropriate sequence of content pieces based on their perspective of the requirements. Less than 20% of the sales managers are able to cope with this complexity. The rest of the 80% struggle to appropriately engage with the prospects during the sales cycle. This drastically reduces the sales effectiveness and inhibits customer acquisition and revenue goals.

With a scalable digital library that pushes relevant content to all the digital touch points including web, mobile apps and social media, Zoomifier enables direct sales and distribution channels. With smart algorithms that capture your sales practices and insightful analytics that can infer your customer’s buying intent, Zoomifier guides your sales through account based selling and delivers insights to close deals faster.

Zoomifier enables businesses to better align their marketing, sales and customer success practices with the meteoric shift in customer behavior to optimize customer engagement across the entire customer lifecycle.

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