Personalize and automate customer journey
Start the buyer journey by reaching out through Omni-channel marketing, marketing automation campaign or let your sales team share a piece of content with the target audience. This piece of content is connected to other relevant pieces that map to each buyer stage through a content journey map.

As the buyer views the first piece, provide real time recommendations for the next pieces based on the content journey map. Try making these recommendations as non-intrusive as possible so that they do not adversely affect buyer’s content viewing experience. Since the first piece was bite sized, they are highly likely to select one of the next pieces of recommended content. By offering choices, you are allowing the buyer to personalize their engagement and nurturing based on their interests and needs. Track how much time they spent consuming the content piece, what did they search, who did they forward it to and any other relevant information that you are able to collect.
As they are viewing the next piece of content, continue to offer the next set of recommendations. Continue this process of as long as the buyer is willing to consume new to them content. Note that each recommendation represents the equivalent of a new touch point in a traditional marketing or sales process. An important difference is that instead of pushing content based on your beliefs, you are offering choices and learning more about the buyers and their interests by observing their behavior. Each buyer is on a different journey and you can sustain thousands of such journeys without having to design any complex campaigns. This is a highly scalable process.
At some point, the buyer will likely disconnect to attend to other activities. Revive the engagement by sending them a content recommendation via email or mobile notification, depending on the level of access the buyer has granted to you. You can also revive the engagement using a retargeted ad if you do not have their contact information yet. Note that each person is getting a different email based on his or her unique journey. So while automated, this is not the same as mass mailing spam of a marketing automation campaign. Make each such communication highly personalized by explaining why specific content is being recommended to them. The experience from eCommerce has shown that such relevant recommendations are very effective at continuing the engagement and welcomed by buyers if delivered at the right cadence.
This personalized and automated journey can be continued as long as the buyer is willing to engage. Use the observations captured while tracking the buyer journey to analyze their behavior, develop new content, adjust the customer journey maps and identify qualified opportunities.
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