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Scale your digital marketing with personalized customer journeys. Double the lead capture. Reduce cost of paid Omni-channel campaigns by half. Simplify and automate lead nurturing and qualification with Zoomifier Lead Incubator.
Zoomifier Lead Incubator Dashboard

The game changing, insightful and actionable analytics

With Zoomifier Lead Incubator analytics, you will get immediate visibility into how successfully you are engaging and nurturing your target audience into qualified sales opportunities. Observe how your target audience engages with your website and content. Get historical and daily performance overview. Drill down for detailed insights. Zoomifier delivers insights that are currently not possible with your web analytics or marketing automation tools.

Personalized Customer Journey Analytics

Deep insight into personalized customer journeys

Observe how your target audience personalizes their customer journeys to willingly engage with you. Learn how different stakeholders in an account are getting nurtured to satisfy their requirements. Analyze this information to confidently identify qualified sales opportunities. Zoomifier Lead Incubator is the most simplified and automated account-based marketing (ABM) solution available today.

Content Recommendation Bot Configuration

Automate lead capture and lead nurturing with bots

Zoomifier Lead Incubator bots eliminate the need for complex data management, lead capture forms, elaborate outbound campaign designs, email template configuration, and even the need for building landing pages. The bots engage your target audience on social media channels, on your websites and through your email campaigns. They sustain engagement and nurturing through autonomously generated relevant content recommendations. It is magical!

Customer Journey Map Designer

Orchestrate your customer engagement with journey designer

By personalizing their customer journeys, your target audience engages willing and rapidly convert from anonymous visitors to leads that are nurtured into qualified sales opportunities. Zoomifier Lead Incubator achieves this with an interactive drag-and-drop tool to build your customer journey maps. These maps drive the personalized customer journeys and sustain nurturing through relevant content recommendations.

Zoomifier Content Repository

Manage your content marketing from a centralized repository

Curate and catalog all your digital marketing content into a centralized, cloud based repository. Use Zoomifier permalinks to engage and nurture your target audience over social media, website and email marketing campaigns. With built-in access control, version management, metadata features, and full-text indexing, you can enable lead capture, lead nurturing, sales enablement, and customer onboarding from a easy to use and scalable platform.

Zoomifier integrates into your marketing automation ecosystem

Integrate into your digital marketing ecosystem

Zoomifier Lead Incubator tightly integrates with Omni-channel marketing, marketing automation and campaign management solutions. Personalized customer journeys reduce the cost of lead capture, bots sustain nurturing with relevant content recommendations and analytics delivers more meaningful lead scoring. Zoomifier Lead Incubator improves the return on your marketing infrastructure investments and improves the marketing outcomes.