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Personalized lead nurturing and automated sales enablement solutions from Zoomifier helps you close deals faster and reduces the cost of customer acquisition and retention.
Zoomifier Lead Nurturing and Sales Enablement solution - Admin Portal

Easy to setup, deploy and manage

Zoomifier is designed to be setup and managed by business users and does not require any IT skills. Our customer support team will show you how to manage users, curate the content and design customer journey maps. It takes less then 2 hours to start nurturing leads and enabling sales teams. It is that simple.

Sales Enablement Portal

Sales Enablement Portals to increase sales productivity

With Zoomifier, sales teams no longer have to waste time searching for the most updated piece of content or wonder if the customer read the content shared with them. All of the sales material is automatically pushed to their mobile devices and is available through a web browser. Zoomifier monitors if the buyer viewed the content shared by the salesperson, follows up with them with a reminder on behalf of the salesperson, and alerts the salesperson when the buyer views content.

Customer Engagement Portals and Mobile Apps

Customer Engagement Portals and personalized lead nurturing

Starting with the content initially shared through a marketing touch-point or by a salesperson, Zoomifier continues to engage and nurture the customer with relevant content recommendations and personalized email or mobile notifications. This deepens their engagement, accelerates their nurturing and helps close deals faster.

Customer Engagement Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Engagement Analytics to capture deep customer insights

Through personalized autonomous customer engagement and customer journey analytics, Zoomifier answers the most important question on every salesperson's mind: Which customer is most likely to buy NOW and what are they interested in? Marketers fine-tune their messages through content analytics and optimize the marketing spend through channel analytics.