An interactive tool to design personalized autonomous customer engagements that support thousands of unique customer journeys to nurture every type of persona that your team needs to engage with.

Customer Journey Designer

Customer Journey Designer

Your team needs to successfully engage with different persona from business, finance, procurement and other functional groups to close the deal, onboard the users and ensure customer success. To meaningfully engage your customers, you need to understand each person's interests and nurture them with the right content at the right time. Managing even a few personas with multiple content pieces can get overwhelming for your team members. Zoomifier takes this burden off your team by capturing the best practices on how to effectively engage with each persona in a Customer Journey Map.
A Customer Journey Map links content pieces into a graph that describes to Zoomifier what additional content should be recommended to a customer when they are viewing a piece of content. It also specifies the order in which content recommendations should be made. The links also include information that enables Zoomifier to infer information about their persona and interests, if they traverse that link.

Zoomifier Customer Engagement Bots use Customer Engagement Maps to personalize and automate customer engagement.

The Customer Journey Designer is an interactive tool to design the Customer Journey Maps for one or more persona. Simply drag-and-drop content pieces on the tool canvas and connect relevant content pieces, set up recommendation order and associate relevant tags. You can continuously evolve these maps with updated and new content pieces. No specialized skills or training is required.