Real-time, visual dashboards delivering actionable customer insights through contact and account based analytics as well as an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of your content to engage and nurture your customers.

Customer Engagement Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Engagement Analytics

As customers engage with content shared with them, Zoomifier captures details of their interactions including the pieces of content consumed, time spent consuming the content, search terms used to find the content, and email addresses to whom they forwarded the content. Furthermore, Zoomifier also captures the information about the browsers, devices and the locations where the content was consumed, the marketing channels and campaigns that initiated the engagement.
Zoomifier uses this information to visually deliver actionable customer engagement analytics.
Customer Engagement Analytics - most nurtered and most active contacts and accounts
Get a quick overview of how each contact is engaged and nurtured.
Customer Journey Analytics about personalized lead nurturing and automated sales enablement
See how Zoomifier Bots are engaging prospects and customers on your behalf. See how these touch points accelerate personalized lead nurturing and automate sales enablement.
Content Analytics
Learn what content your prospects and customers spend the most time with and share with others.