At the heart of Zoomifier Customer Engagement platform is a highly scalable and secure content repository to curate all the online and offline digital content as well as maintain a detailed record of engagement with each customer.

Content Repository and Customer Engagement Database

Content Repository

Simply drag-and-drop your content in this highly scalable and secure content repository to start the customer engagement. Designed to manage almost unlimited amounts and size of content, Zoomifier Content Repository delivers it to millions of users. Zoomifier supports HTML5 based 3D-animations, Augmented Reality, VR, ePub3, PDF, MPEG4, PNG, JPEG, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and many other rich content formats. The built-in text search engine automatically indexes all the text in the content for intuitive search and retrieval. The built-in content push technology and content revision management ensures that your sales team and customers always access the most updated version of the content.
Curate content from Dropbox,, DAM systems, Portals and user desktops Zoomifier is your unified content repository for sales, marketing and customer success.

Customer Engagement Links

You can initiate an engagement from apps, digital marketing channels and emails, print advertising as well as product packaging using Customer Engagement Links. In the apps, digital marketing channels and emails, these links appear as URLs. In the print and outdoor advertising they the form of QR codes and on product packaging they are represented by bar codes, RFID and NFC tags.
Customer Engagement Links connect content over digital channels to contacts.

Customer Engagement Database

Zoomifier progressively captures a user's identity and builds a detailed profile by inferring from their engagement. The Zoomifier Customer Engagement Database does not require any set up or manual data input of customer attributes. This results in a more accurate and comprehensive contact database that can be used to enrich your existing marketing automation and CRM databases. The Zoomifier Customer Engagement Database also captures the channel and marketing campaign attribution to refine and optimize marketing spend.
Customer Engagement Database captures Customer Journey analytics