Capture deep customer insights and close deals faster
You are already familiar and probably an expert at interpreting web site analytics and marketing automation analytics. The problem with web page visits, email clicks and content downloads is that while they may indicate an interest in your offerings, it says almost nothing about their interests, level of engagement and readiness to buy. Marketers speculate on the visitor’s readiness to buy based on a technical sounding but almost arbitrary “lead score” number derived from a formula based on the observable web and marketing automation analytics. Unfortunately, when “qualified leads” are delivered to sales team based on these lead scores, 90% of the buyers refuse to engage and 98% of the leads are not properly nurtured. Clearly something is missing.
What is missing is the “last mile” analytics related to how the buyers interact with your content. You need to track how much time the buyer spent after they downloaded the content and what content piece did they select when you offered content choices.

When you track this information and combine it with your existing web and marketing automation analytics, you get a much more complete picture of your buyer’s interests and their level of engagement. This enables you to now predict their readiness to buy with a greater accuracy.

Classify these insights into three categories:

1. Individual Contact and Account Analytics –

Captures insights into how each individual is engaged and nurtured as well as more importantly how all the stakeholders across an account are engaging. This information forms the foundation of your Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy.

2. Sales Manager Analytics –

Provides call to action to the sales person in terms of whom to engage, which deals to focus on closing and benchmarks their engagement with the rest of the team.

3. Enterprise Sales and Marketing Analytics –

Displays leaderboards on most effective channels and campaigns, most engaging content, more nurtured opportunities, and the most active sales managers in engaging buyers. This information helps marketing teams to fine tune their marketing plans and content marketing strategy to deliver increasingly relevant content to better engage and nurture buyers.

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