Bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales


More than 90% of the “qualified” leads supplied by marketing refuse to even connect with sales.


Barely 2% of the leads actually engage.


75% of companies drop the leads that are not ready to purchase immediately.

This waste of sales effort in chasing unqualified and premature leads limits your revenue growth, makes customer acquisition very expensive and frustrates your sales team. The dropped leads are wasted marketing spend.

Reaching customers through online advertising, social media and search engine marketing is getting increasingly expensive due to competitive bidding and programmatic ad buying. The visitors from these paid visits are anonymous 98% of the time and they spend less than 4 minutes on landing pages. Marketers are unable to engage or nurture the target audience.
Marketers craft complex outbound campaigns for customer engagement and nurturing using marketing automation tools. These campaigns bombard the target audience with interruptive messages that are often deemed irrelevant. Most recipients ignore these communications (less than 1% response rate) or unsubscribe. Marketing automation tools are unable to engage or nurture the target audience.
Marketing analytics and lead management tools drown marketers in huge amount of numeric data and interactive charts but fail to deliver customer insights that sales cares for:
Marketing automation and other digital marketing analytics tools fail to deliver customer insights that sales cares for.
Zoomifier has developed a content marketing framework and automation software that helps better engage and nurture buyers in a multi-stakeholder, long and complex enterprise sales cycle. This new framework – Zoomifier Personalized and Automated Customer Engagement (PACE) – enables insightful customer engagement and faster nurturing that results in shortened sales cycles. The software automates the customer engagement and nurturing tasks traditionally performed manually by sales team. This greatly increases sales productivity, enables sales managers to handle more opportunities and reduces the cost of sales.
Zoomifier Personalized Lead Nurturing and Automated Sales Enablement solution delivers fully nurtured leads to sales.
Here is a simple and effective guide that helps you save money on Omni-channel marketing, avoid spamming customers and deliver insightful opportunities to sales:
Develop interactive and engaging content
1. Develop snackable, bite-sized interactive and engaging content
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Develop relevant content for each buyer stage.
2. Develop relevant content for each customer stage
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customer journey maps
3. Weave your content into customer journey maps
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Map digital marketing channel to each buyer stage.
4. Choose the right channel for each customer stage
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Customer Journey
5. Personalize and automate Customer journey
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Customer Engagement Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics
6. Capture deep customer insights and close deals faster
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