How well are you converting your visitors into leads?

A simple measure of your lead capture effectiveness

Achieving lead capture effectiveness is an essential first step before you can engage, nurture and qualify your target audience as sales opportunities. The lead capture metrics most frequently quoted by digital marketers include the number of web site visitors, number of leads captured and cost per lead. Individually, none of these three numbers provides a meaningful picture of lead capture effectiveness. […]

As few as 1 out of 33 web page visitors from Google AdWords convert to leads.

Increase the lead capture by 2X or more

Google, Facebook, Twitter and other digital channels have definitely made it easier for us to reach our target audience. That is why we outbid each other to display our ads on these channels. Paid media now forms an important component of our Omni-channel marketing campaigns. It would seem digital marketing provides the holy grail for lead capture. Digital […]